Location and public transportation

Nowy Tomyśl is located in the western part of Wielkopolska, about 60 kilometers from Poznań, 200 km from Berlin, 120 km from the boarder crossing in Świecko and 360 km from Warsaw. Roads no. 302 to Zbąszyń, 305 to Wolsztyn, 307 to Poznań link Nowy Tomyśl with other parts of Wielkopolska. Near Nowy Tomyśl goes the National Road no. 2 (E 30). Through the county goes the Highway A-2, which is an excellent link with other parts of Poland. Three kilometres from the City there is a highway junction.

Nowy Tomyśl is located next to the international railway route Paris - Berlin - Warsaw - Moscow. The express train "Lubuszanin", which stops in Nowy Tomyśl, can take you to Warsaw and the journey takes only 3,5 hours. There is also a great connection with other parts of the world through two of airports nearby - in Poznań and Babimost.