Museum of Basketry and Hop Growing

Museum of Basketry
and Hop Growing

ul. Topolowa 10
64-300 Nowy Tomyśl
tel./fax: 0048 61 44 22 311, mobile: 0048 506 092 754

Branch of the National Museum of Agriculture und Agricultural-Food Industry in Szreniawa.
The Museum of Basketry and Hop Growing was established in May 1985 as a branch of the National Museum of Agriculture und Agricultural-Food Industry in Szreniawa. It consists of two buildings:

  1. Antique, Dutch building from the end of the 18th century being an element of the former city settlement. After reconstruction and transposition into the area of the city park it serves as the main seat of the Museum, where there both permanent exhibitions take place.
  2. The wooden building, called the Hunters' Court, was built in 1977. Here temporary exhibitions covering various topics (ground floor) and the permanent natural exhibition (attic) take place.

Both buildings are situated on an area of 1.75 ha, where botanical exhibitions and various spatial forms of willow are presented. The whole complex is located in the City Park.

I. Presented permanent exhibitions - sightseeing guided or self-guided tours.

  1. "History of basketry and weavery in Poland".
  2. "History of hop cultivation in Poland".
  3. Botanical exposition in the Hunters' Court.
  4. Outdoor botanical expositions:
    • salicarium 71 plots representing willow varieties,
    • hop yard - 8 hop varieties on poles,
    • willow park - shrubby and arborescent willow varieties.

II. Temporary exhibitions in 2005

  1. "Willow in the art of Maria Lubicz-Zwolińska"
    duration: 1 March - 5 June
    Subject: next artist's exhibition participating in the basketry workshops; applied and artistic ceramics, photos documenting the artist's achievements in the field of interior design, applied basketry.
  2. After-Workshop exhibition
    duration: 12 June - 11 September
    Subject: basketry items made during the 27th National Basketry Workshop "Wicker 2005", project-pictures, photos.
  3. Getting to know young basket-makers from Kwidzyn
    duration: 19 September - 30 November
    Subject: next exhibition presenting educational entities, training young people in the basketry - Technical School of Basketry and Thatchery in Kwidzyn.

III. Outdoor events in 2005.

  1. The 27th National Basketry Workshop "Wicker 2005", duration: 3 - 12 June .
    a chance to observe the process of weaving untypical wicker forms during weaving shows by artists and basket-makers.
  2. III Young basket-makers' meeting, duration: 19 - 25 September.
    • a chance to observe the process of weaving untypical wicker forms during weaving shows under supervision of young people training to be basket-makers.

IV. Additional offer for school groups.

  1. Museum lessons based on permanent exhibitions on the following subjects:
    • "Story weaved with wicker",
    • "From a stick to a basket",
    • "How it was with hop",
    • admission - 5 PLN per participant (not less than 80 PLN).
  2. Basketry workshop
    • getting to know the process of basketry items' production from material preparation to the finished product,
    • getting to know basic weaving techniques,
    • fee - 5 PLN per participant (not less than 80 PLN).

V. Wicker products' weaving shows - for all groups.

  • during Easter - how to weave a basket for festive delicacies,
  • during Christmas - how to weave a crib,
  • all year long - how to weave various basketry items,
  • fee - 30 PLN per group.

VI. Special offer: "Basketry for amateurs" - basketry workshop for individuals:

  • a chance to know the basic weaving techniques for one's own ideas for products,
  • workshops are being organised in the time from April to October every time there is enough participants to build a group,
  • duration: 16 hours - Saturday, Sunday 9-18 (break 14-15),
  • number of participants: 7 - 10 persons,
  • the course held by a basketry master,
  • participation cost - 100 PLN, there is a possibility to book accommodation - 30 PLN as well as a day's board - 20 PLN.

Opening times:

April - October: Tuesday - Saturday 8.00 - 16.00, Sunday 13.00 - 18.00
November - March: Tuesday - Friday 9.00 - 15.00, Saturday, Sunday 11.00 - 15.00


  • adult - 4 PLN, reduced - 3 PLN
  • temporary exhibitions only: adult - 3 PLN, reduced - 2 PLN

Other fees:

  • guide - 20 PLN
  • campfire party - 50 PLN

Please book your visit and orders in advance.