Hop and Basketry Fair

In Nowy Tomyśl, at the end of August, a Hop and Basketry Fair takes place. The Fair is a linkage between today and tradition of hop fairs of yesterday, which, from the year 1936, are presented together with exhibition of basketry.

The tradition of hop cultivation in the region of Nowy Tomyśl goes back to the first half of the seventeenth century, and willow cultivation started to grow gradually into tradition since Napoleon times. Nowadays, the Hop and Basketry Fair is a great feast and a very important event for Nowy Tomyśl inhabitants. It is also a great opportunity to play together, to spend some time together and to promote several basketry companies from Nowy Tomyśl. The fair gives also opportunity to present weaving techniques, work of tradesmen and to buy many basketry items.

Since 1988 every Fair is opened with a performance given by inhabitants of the village, which won in the last Village Contest. The performance consist of permanent elements, such as water blessing, watering of wreath, wicker-Jaś figure. At the time of fair a competition for hop farmers and basket - makers takes place.

Among many interesting events, which take place in Nowy Tomyśl, Hop and Basketry Fair is the most colourful and attractive one. The lively, three-day-long Fair links yesterday with tomorrow, tradition wit future, promotion of the town with a great entertainment for the inhabitants.