Economic advantages of the municipality

The Nowy Tomyśl municipality is a municipality of both rural and urban character. The rural areas of the municipality are of strictly agricultural character. In the city and surrounding rural areas concentrates the industry, among others the producers of medical equipment, plastic packaging, electro-technical devices, clothing, and seats for public transportation vehicles. Companies in Nowy Tomyśl are not only local, family companies. Many companies with foreign capital invested in Nowy Tomyśl, some of them from Germany, Switzerland, Denmark and Holland.

The municipality takes up about 300 ha, which are destined for economic activity. In the main part these are in private possession, but owners are eager to cooperate with local authority in the field of gaining investment partners from outside.

Advantages of the Municipality

  • favourable geographical location and advanced transport infrastructure:
    • Nowy Tomyśl is located close - about 120 km - to the land border and to Poznań, the capital city of the region - about 60 km

    • Close to two - passenger and cargo - airports: Poznań and Babimost

    • Close to four important railway junctions - Poznań, Leszno, Krzyż, Zielona Góra

    • Well developed road infrastructure links Nowy Tomyśl with other parts of Poland and with abroad, including A2 highway with an exit in the municipality Nowy Tomyśl
  • moderate land prices of, what is caused by low quality of soil
  • there are many institutions in Nowy Tomyśl which are active in the whole country, not just in the region and such, which offer a wide spectrum of services for business activity:

    • Customs Office
    • District Court
    • Inland Revenue
    • County Starosty
    • Banks
    • Insurance institutions
  • Well-developed technical infrastructure (gas piping, sewerage, water supply, telecommunication, power network). Water in Nowy Tomyśl meets the highest quality standards. Water is conditioned by a modern water treatment plant, which was modernized at the end of 2002

  • Number and character of investments in the municipality of Nowy Tomyśl. Foreign companies, which conduct their business activity in Nowy Tomyśl, think of new investments and build new production halls, develop stocks of machinery and, what follows, increase cubature of spaces
  • nature and landscape advantages (great woods, unpolluted environment)

  • well-developed network of secondary schools, which prepare young people for different kinds of jobs and satisfy demands of the local job market

  • young people, full of initiative, flexible, ready for new challenges, who build the strength and potential of Nowy Tomyśl

    • The municipality was given a certificate "Gmina Fair Play" - Certified Investment Location Program, which is being awarded to municipalities, which provide the best conditions for business activity and investments. In the edition 2004 of this competition, the municipality gained the highest score in the category of small towns and cities with up to 30 000 inhabitants, what was confirmed by receiving a cup.

Reductions and relieves for investors

  • possibility of immovable property tax relieves for companies, who offer new jobs

  • cooperation with investors at the stages of localization and preparation

  • development of required technical infrastructure

  • continuous assistance and consulting of the City Hall