Cooperation with Biesenthal

The Biesenthal - Barnim Union was established in 1992. It consists of seven municipalities and the city of Biesenthal in the rural Barnim county in Brandenburg. Members of the union are the following villages: Danewitz, Grüntal, Melchow, Spechthausen, Tempelfelde, Trampe und Tuchen-Klobbicke. Together the union counts around 7.800 inhabitants, of which 4.800 live in the city of Biesenthal. The city of Biesenthal is also the seat of the union. It is situated about 30 km from Berlin. Also about 30 km from the city flows the Odra river. The union operates in the area of more than 180 km2 and is situated between Eberswalde and Bernau.

One can reach Biesenthal by motorway no. 11 to Szczecin or by local roads from border crossings in Hohenwutzen, Kietz or Frankfurt/Oder.

The city of Biesenthal lies 230 km away from Nowy Tomyśl. The cooperation was initiated by both municipalities. The contract between Nowy Tomyśl and Biesenthal was signed on 13 December 1999. The relatively small distance between Nowy Tomyśl and Biesenthal enables frequent contacts which contribute to tightening bonds between municipalities and developing individual contacts. Owing to this, the contract is being fully realised and the cooperation is in bloom.

Until now the following have agreed to cooperate with us: fire-fighters from volunteer fire brigades, Polish Alliance for Retired Citizens, Pensioners and Handicapped, Korona Bukowiec sport club, basket-makers and wicker growers, Social Services Center, members of Rifle Club of the National Defence League. Meetings of the cooperating entities enable mutual exchange of information and experiences. They are also an invitation for fun and relaxation and the trips for spending free time and sightseeing.

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