Visit of local authorities of Nowy Tomyśl in Biesenthal

On 20 November the City Council, the mayor of Nowy Tomyśl, staff of the City Hall, manager of the culture centers of Nowy Tomyśl and persons participating in the partner exchange have visited the befriended with Nowy Tomyśl Biesenthal municipality in Germany. This visit was a part of this year's fifth anniversary of signing the partner contract between Nowy Tomyśl and Biesenthal. Continuation of the celebration will be the visit of local authorities of Biesenthal in Nowy Tomyśl on 13 December this year. The visit in Biesenthal made it possible to get to know the sister municipality for these, who haven't been there yet and those who had could observe the changes implemented in the city and municipality. After welcoming guests by the city director, Hans Ulrich Kühne, began the sightseeing of the city and neighbouring villages, belonging to the Biesenthal-Barnim Union. First the guests visited the neo baroque catholic church in Biesentahl. The local parish-priest showed guests around the church and told its story. In this church also the organ concert was held. Biesenthal proudly presented the renovated City Hall from 1795. The mayor of Biesenthal, Thomas Kuther, showed the guests around the museum rooms, the Registry Office and Tourist Information. The Polish guests placed an entry in the Visitor's Book displayed in the City Hall - a gift from Nowy Tomyśl on the occasion of The City Hall opening.

In the new City Hall, adjacent to the old one, there is for some time now the seat of the local authorities. The city director, Hans Ulrich Kühne, decribed a new pilot customer service programme. The guests from Nowy Tomyśl visited also a renovated school and buildings in the Marienwerder village, as well as an antique church in Tuchen, which serves today as a place for cultural events. A local family of musicians gave a short concert. A member of the City Council and at the same time a Jarzębina Chorus member, Janusz Raj, sang for the hosts. All these events added to the wonderful atmosphere of the great day in Biesenthal. There was time to discuss the past 5 years of cooperation and to talk about future. At the end, the guests from Nowy Tomyśl handed a basket of tasty dairy products from the Top-Tomyśl milk cooperative over to the hosts.