Cooperation with Goch

The city of Goch lies in the northern Westphalia, in the Niers valley, between the Rhine and Maas rivers. It can be reached by the motorway A57, which links Germany with Holland. The historical centre of Goch surround 7 villages: Asperden, Hassum, Hommersum, Hülm, Kessel, Nierswelde, Pfalzdorf. Total number of inhabitants of this region is 30.000, the city itself counts more than 19.600. Attractions of this area are surely the forest of 5.000 ha and the river, creating the green lungs of the region, being at the same time a place for relaxation and rest for the inhabitants of Goch, who spend their free time wandering, biking and canoeing.

Goch and Nowy Tomyśl lie 780 km apart.
The authorities of Nowy Tomyśla and Goch began their cooperation in 1994 and signed thw partner contract on 15 March 1997. Since then the provisions of the contract are being implemented and the cooperation is in bloom. One of the examples can be the close contacts between the M. Kopernik Complex of General Education and Postgraduate Schools in Nowy Tomyśl and a secondary school in Goch.